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The system takes into account such things like socio-economic policies involved in various public procurement, corruption practices, grants, the magnitude of procurement outlay and compliance to the regulations set by the government.

Procurement Operations

The modern downward procedure-to-pay activities face many challenges. The available team has the necessary Technology, Process and People who can handle such challenges. As such, the necessary knowledge and expertise to execute the main procurement operations are present.

Flexible, Secure and Easy to Integrate

Developing the e-Procurement system involved carrying out research on the best procurement solutions. The research involved both public and private sector organizations. Lotus Procure also provides the following:

Flexible and Easy-to-Customize workflow model that can capture the processes in your organization

Security and Technical Highlights

Lotus Procure is a secure system for all of your procurement needs based on the following features.

The high security levels implemented by in Lotus Procure comes from the fact that it is one of the few companies found in India that implements the two-factor authentication and PKI encryption in the applications that it develops. The company has its own in-house experts that are highly qualified, that implement such security measures on applications. As such, the applications are able to accept digital certificates found in digitally signed documents and files. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in India has a Directorate called STQC. The work of this Directorate is to audit different solutions and security measures implemented by companies. On an independent audit, STQC found out that the solutions implemented by Lotus Procure match the required security standards. The Directorate also certified that the solutions observe the PKI standards.

Lotus Procure Modules

The Lotus Procure System is a complete package that contains different modules that can help you in any of your procurement process. It is a web-based system whereby you can choose one, several or all of the modules for your needs. Apart from being a web-based system, it is also secure given the fact that there may be hackers who would want to temper with the system.

The solutions to the procurement operations are handled using the following ways :