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Using an Electronic Tendering System simplifies many things, step and procedures that are involved in the tendering process. It facilitates all the activities involved from the time of advertising to the time of placing a contract. During that time, physical documents are not used, rather electronic documents are implemented. Since the system uses only electronic documents, it is easy for us to offer our esteemed customers and clients the best solutions to any tendering process that they want to undertake. In order to ensure that the solution is viable and valid, the system uses a time-locking approach when handling multiple biddings. At the same time, it is tamper-proof in order to ensure data integrity and securing the bidding process and payment options. Buyers do not want to use a system that does not have a secure payment option. The reason for such caution lies on the fact that fraudsters might take advantage of week payment options to receive payments. Since tenders usually involve large amounts of money, it is clear that such security flaws should not be present. Lotus Procure has taken into account detailed security measure to prevent any misfortune during making payments. Depending on your needs, you can acquire the licensed or hosted mode of the e-tendering solution.


Reasons why you should use e-Tendering

It is evident that implementing the manual tender process will take several months before completion. The process might end up taking up to three months. Not only the process is cumbersome and long, it also costs suppliers and buyers.

While using the Lotus Procure, an e-Tendering System, there is no usage of manual papers. The system was developed by Software Tailor and all its processes involve the use of electronic documents. Using such documents and files enables the involved parties to save on their time and money. There is no need to travel or move from one office to another. Most of the activities are available on the system. At the same time, buyers find it easy to manage all the new tenders since the system stores all the tenders in one place. In case a buyer wants to do some comparison, he or she can copy data from the electronic documents and paste it in a spreadsheet document. Spreadsheet is easy to use and has various tools for comparison purposes. The evaluation tools that the system provides can automate the comparison process.

Some of the processes that the Lotus Procure automates include preparing specifications for the tender, advertising, tender aggregation, and evaluation and placing the actual contract.

Lotus Procure provides you the facilities to create any type of tenders, you can create 2 Envelop Tenders or 3 Envelop Tenders and also can choose the tender type as Percentage Rate Tender, Lump sum Rate Tender, Items Rate Tender, Item vise selection Tender and Open Tender.

e-Tendering Module Highlights: