Lotus Procure Plan Details

Lotus ProcureTM is India's leading e-Tendering/e-Bidding and e-Procurement solution. Lotus ProcureTM is highly secured and compliance with government guideline and norms. Lotus ProcureTM is based on Open Source technology hence to total cost of ownership (TCO) is very low and easily manageable for any industry or government department.

Lotus ProcureTM is based on PKI Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and that's make Lotus ProcureTM very secure and it has fully compliance with STQC (Software Testing and Quality Certificate), following Government's tendering guidelines and this solution is Cert-In Security Certified.


Lotus ProcureTM is based of Open Source technology and it is fully compliance and compatible with modern technology. Solution is easily integrable with your existing IT setup.

Lotus Procure's front end is based on Java (Struts & Hibernate) and power of backend is MySQL. Thus Lotus ProcureTM is based on Java Technology it can be host on any platform like Linux, Windows and UNIX.

Lotus ProcureTM is based on Hibernate (HQL) and Hibernate gives it a power to use any Database solution like Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS SQL and other SQL Based Database engine. It makes Lotus ProcureTM to use your existing Database engine so you can easily manage and operate all you e-Tendering and e-Procurement needs.

OSMO Offers you two plan of Lotus Procure. You can any time switch between them.

Hosted Solution

OSMO IT Solution Private Limited is offering to Government, Semi-Government, and Educational Institutions FREE Lotus Procure Instance. The solution will be hosted on our Secured Server (on Certified Datacenter) and our dedicated team will manage it all.

We have our live solution with multiple live departments and tenders ( You can also register yourself as department without any cost and start your e-Procurement or e-Tendering.

What we will provide: (FREE for Department)

In House Hosting

Lotus Procure is also available for in house hosing. If you want to host Lotus Procure at your premises, the solution is ready to host. All you need is Good Server to host the solution and Internet Bandwidth and you are good to go with your own instance of Lotus Procure.

The solution doesn't require any other licenses like Operating System License, Database Software License (You can also host Lotus Procure on Proprietary or Licensed software)

Minimum Hardware & Software requirement
Hardware Requirement Configuration
Web Server (1)16GB RAM, Xeon Processor, 500GB HDD
Database Server (1)16GB RAM, Xeon Processor, 500GB HDD
Network Switch (1)8-16 Port Gigabyte Switch
Firewall (1)Any Industry Level firewall
Bandwidth (1)2Mbps Dedicated Lease Line
Software Requirement Version
OS of Server (2)Linux 6.0 or above
Web Server (1)Tomcat 7.0 or above
Database Engine (1)MySQL 5.0 or above